Casa Lambertta Australia are authorised dealers of the Casa Performance range of after market performance parts.  These parts are made in Italy and are high quality improvements to many components found in the original engines.

Casa Lambretta Australia can perform upgrades to your existing engine keeping the look of the motor as close to original as possible but giving it some extra performance.  At the other end of the scale are the all new SSR265 engines which are an all new engine case and internals which produce around 47bhp and provide 'spirited' performance.

New build - 2018

Casa Lambretta Australia have just completed a performance build fro one of our customers.  It uses Casa Lambretta Performance parts including SS225 cylinder kit and performance ignition all built around the new build UNI engine and side case.  This build will deliver good performance on a surprisingly reasonable budget.

SS 225 in UNI case.jpg